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Cultural Tour

Find out for yourself what it is really like to live in an African village. Khalanga Safaris' trademark tour takes us to a Shangaan community area where we interact with locals, taste what they eat and drink, speak to a recognized traditional healer and learn about local customs, crafts and construction.


A perfect example of how modern conveniences and traditional customs come together to create the prototype of a South African rural community: 100% authentically unique without pre-arranged visits, this tour works perfectly in combination with a visit at the Mochongolo Traditional Dance Event (only on Sundays).

​Places visited (changeable as this is not a "set-up"):

  • Council House / meet the head man of the village (Induna): find out how all matters of the community are solved.

  • "Mozambique Settlement" 

  • Shebeen (local pub) - beer brewing demonstration and tasting

  • Traditional healer

  • Welverdiend Community Project (crafts)

  • Pre-school

  • Local Market


How to book: Contact us to let us know when you would like to go and how many people want to join the tour.

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