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What to Expect

Offering you the best safari experience

We are passionate about offering you the very best safari adventure and want to make sure our guests enjoy this unforgettable experience to the fullest - this will be the trip of a lifetime! (although you might be back sooner than you think...)

We all work together to spot animals. Once you get used to the landscape and shapes of the animals you might be the one to find them first and point them out to the other guests - if our guide gives you a chance! (He is very good.) We encourage our guests to participate in finding animals so that they can be part of the entire experience. 

Respect for and deep understanding of nature

Nature is not just there for us to enjoy but it deserves respect and preservation. We do not conduct or endorse tourism activities that go against our understanding of nature conservation.

Ethical guiding

We believe that our guiding experience vastly differs from what other safari tour operators are able to offer their guests because we guide to high ethical standards that are mostly ignored in the guiding and safari community.

We are able to give our guests the best experience of the African nature, which not only consists of taking a few pictures or recording a cool video but also considers the animal as an entity to be respected just like another human being, taking into consideration and pre-empting what it wants to do, where it is coming from or where it is going. We do not interrupt the animals’ habitual activities just for the sake of a good viewing or shot (i.e. by making loud noises to attract an animal’s attention, block an animals’ way to get a frontal view, or intruding into an animal’s personal space). By putting nature first our guests have a much broader experience of the African nature than what is usually offered by other tour operators.


Our guides see themselves as ambassadors of nature and whether you’re a first time visitor to South Africa, or whether it’s your 5th time coming back you will leave with a new understanding of and respect for nature and its conservation.

With Khalanga Safaris you can expect to learn information that you cannot read in any book or see in any documentary as we don’t rely on what is known as “standard guiding” but we want to offer our guests a really extraordinary experience, rather than just repeating information and facts about animals that the guests could have accessed while staying at home without ever coming to Kruger.


Highly knowledgeable and qualified guides with in depth knowledge of wildlife

  • Our guides are accredited by FGASA (Field Guide Association of Southern Africa) and members of the MTPA (Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency)

  • Our guides have long standing experience in their line of work; for example, our head guide Shoes, having grown up in Kruger National Park has been working as a guide for 15 years.


Safety and high standards

  • We are an accredited Tourism Operator (Department of Transport)

  • Our game drive vehicles are also accredited by the Department of Transport to be used as Open Safari Vehicles (OSV Permit Issued by Kruger Park authorities)

 We are also represented on

Our guide at an elephant sighting
Guests returning to the vehicle
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