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Kruger Park


Safari & Soweto Tour

9-Day Northern Kruger Birding Tour

Spend the day in search of all the iconic animal species including but not limited to the Big 5 with a dedicated professional field guide, who will use expert knowledge of the area to interpret the natural environment for you in every detail. During the day we will stop for breaks and meals several time before returning to the lodge in the late afternoon.


Experience African rural culture on a full day tour that takes you to one of the local community areas where various aspects of authentic and modern day to day activities will be highlighted. We will visit a real African village, where people go about their normal lives as usual.


You'll get to experience both South African metropolitan culture as well as nature with a visit to the vibrant city of Johannesburg and the iconic township of Soweto, followed by 4 days in the wide and vast landscapes of Kruger National Park with its many animal species.


The Northern Park of Kruger National Park is considered a birding paradise, which is why it must absolutely be part of this epic 9-Day Kruger Tour. As we make our way to the Southern parts of Kruger at a leisurely pace, you'll get to see all of the other iconic species that inhabit Kruger National Park as well; while being hosted by our friendly and professional nature guide.

Quintessential Safari Experience

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Our Clients Say



"Simply spectacular. The guide was very, very attentive and friendly. In addition to having a deep understanding of the animals' habits, he knows how to cook very well, he made great breakfasts and a wonderful dinner, always adding typical African foods. Congratulations."
(January 2023)



"Khalanga Safaris is definitely a 10/10 in our books, so much so that I was already planning the next trip with my partner prior to the tour finishing. Our guide was very friendly, extremely knowledgeable and really took the time to teach us about all types of wildlife and their habitats."
(January 2023)

Soes Vilhelmsen


"Can only recommend Khalanga Safaris. Our 5 trip was fantastic. Our guide has a great knowledge of wildlife, birds, landscape and fauna; is really funny and has a great knowledge. Driving with Khalanga Safaris is never boring. Our next trip with Khalanga Safaris must include overnight stays in the park."
(January 2023)
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