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Day Tours

Kruger National Park Safari

A one day classic. Spend a full day on game drive in Kruger National Park, looking for the big 5 and other wildlife and soaking up the unique atmosphere of the amazing African landscape.

Cultural   Tour

A half day tour to a local community area where you will find out how the Shangaan people live today - a mix of tradition and modern lifestyles including day to day challenges. This tour is lead by a local guide who has an intimate knowledge of the local culture and the people in this area. *NOT* a show village, no voyeurism - just respect and genuine interest. 

Small Title

Mochongolo - Traditional Dance

Only on Sundays! An afternoon excursion to one of the local communities where this traditional dancing competition takes place at changing locations each weekend.

Mariepskop   Mountain Excursion

Discover the unique wilderness of the Eastern Drakensberg Escarpment away from the crowds with breath taking views of the Lowveld on this full day 4x4 adventure complete with short hike and picnic by the waterfall prepared by your guide.

Panorama Route

Begin or end your exploration of the Lowveld with a tour of the Panorama Route. There is no doubt that this array of viewpoints and historical attractions will remain a highlight of your visit of South Africa.