Offering you the best safari experience

We are passionate about offering you the very best safari adventure and want to make sure our guests enjoy this unforgettable experience to the fullest - this will be the trip of a life time! (although you might be back sooner than you think...)

It is not just about the Big 5! Kruger Park is home to a staggering 517 species of birds, 147 species of mammals, 114 species of reptiles and 33 species of amphibians. Kruger Park consists of 4 main areas with 16 macro eco-zones that host 336 tree species. To discover different areas of the park gives you an idea of the diversity of flora and fauna, and the changing landscapes from savannah - woodland to Mopane veld and valleys offer plenty of opportunity of learning about geology as well.


We all work together to spot animals. Once you get used to the landscape and shapes of the animals you might be the one to find them first and point them out to the other guests - if our guide gives you a chance! (He is very good.) We encourage our guests to participate in finding animals so that they can be part of the entire experience. 

Respect for and deep understanding of nature

Nature is not just there for us to enjoy but it deserves respect and preservation. We do not conduct or endorse tourism activities that go against our understanding of nature conservation. At the same time, our guides will through their communication with our visitors transmit the spirit of conservation to you and help you to get an understanding of what respect of nature means to them.


Highly knowledgeable and qualified guides with in depth knowledge of wildlife

  • Our guides are accredited by FGASA (Field Guide Association of Southern Africa) and members of the MTPA (Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency)

  • Our guides have long standing experience in their line of work; for example, our head guide Shoes, having grown up in Kruger National Park has been working as a guide for 15 years.


Safety and high standards

  • We are an accredited Tourism Operator (Department of Transport)

  • Our game drive vehicles are also accredited by the Department of Transport to be used as Open Safari Vehicles (OSV Permit Issued by SATSA, the national tourism authority in cooperation with Kruger National Park authorities)

  • In addition, according to our accreditation as a Tourism Operator in Kruger National Park, it is mandatory for all guides to participate in a seminar provided by SATSA in order to always be up to date with the latest security recommendations within the park and other rules and regulations. 

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What to Expect

Our guide at an elephant sighting
Guests returning to the vehicle
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